Opioid Addiction Resources for Patrons

The opioid crisis which has crashed through American communities has brought patrons to public libraries seeking information about opioids and addiction. This collection of resources can help you connect patrons to the information that they need to support themselves or a loved one. Library staff are also encouraged to check out the recording of our September Read More

New WebJunction Content and Upcoming Webinars

 Thursday, May 24, 2018,  3:00 pm Eastern, 60 minutes Registration: https://www.webjunction.org/events/webjunction/culture-of-learning-library-boards.html Libraries that cultivate a culture of learning encourage their staff to participate in continuing education. But shouldn’t this learning culture also extend to library boards? At the State Library of Iowa, we say yes! Trustees can and should play a key role in fostering Read More

New WebJunction Content and Upcoming Webinars

Highlighted Content Healthy Libraries and Healthy Communities:  In response to local community health needs, public libraries are also evolving by partnering with local parks to create StoryWalks™, offering Zumba classes, and establishing seed libraries so that patrons can grow their own food. Here is a collection of videos and examples from libraries around the United Read More

Free Online Training for November 2017

November brings 75 free library-relevant webinars (and one virtual conference!) from a wide variety of organizations. This month includes a session on how to manage your collections and how to communicate with your community partners, or you’re interested in finding new resources to meet your community’s changing need. These training opportunities are compiled and shared Read More

New WebJunction Content and Upcoming Webinars

 Check out these upcoming webinars and new content from WebJunction. Free access to WebJunction is brought to you, in part, by the Library of Michigan.Highlighted content: These resources can help you strengthen your library and services to the community, explore them today!Free Activity Calendars Put Programming at Your Fingertips: Library users young and old benefit Read More