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Statewide Book and AV Discounts, 2018-2021

Office & Library Supplies & Equipment Updated Jan-2018

Copier/Printer Discounts (June 2018)

Additional Co-op Discounts negotiated by TLN

Quote Request Document from MBM
Use this to request information on library copiers if interested in receiving a quote from MBM.

Technology Discounts from PCM-G

Technology Discounts from Lenovo_Computer_Company



Thorndike Press-discount
White Pine Cooperative members are entitled to a 20% discount and free shipping on regular catalog orders from Thorndike Press.
Please use promo code L2790 when ordering.

Kim Cormier
Account Manager
Thorndike Press  l  Gale  l  Cengage Learning
10 Water Street, Suite 310, Waterville, ME  04901
(p) 800.223.1244 ext  27522    (f) 800.558.4676


Negotiated by REMC Association  for Michigan school libraries with pricing available for public libraries.

Libraries are eligible to purchase off any of the REMC bids. REMC SAVE is the group that manages all of the bids.

Most of the REMC bids are ongoing for multiple years, so a library just needs to search the REMC catalog and contact the vendor directly. So depending what they're looking for, the items may be available now.

Here is a link to the FAQs which include instructions on setting up an account and forecasting.
The purchasing instructions will be updated before April 17th - this part of the new website is currently being completed. (2019)