Howe Memorial Library, Breckenridge Citation of Excellence Award

Congratulations to Howe Memorial Library!

The Library of Michigan Foundation and Library of Michigan bestow the awards yearly to highlight the importance of Michigan libraries’ services.

Congratulations to Capital Area District Libraries for being awarded the State Librarian’s Excellence Award and to Petoskey District Library for also receiving Citations of Excellence Awards.

Advisory, Board, and Director’s Report for October

The White Pine Library Cooperative Advisory Meeting minutes, Board meeting minutes, and Director’s reports have been published and can be found at:

No Reservations Recommendations

The website is live as of October 16, 2019.

No Reservations Recommendations website

A new website/database going live at MLA which showcases and highlights recommendations for vendors and services, from auditing firms to plumbers.  The database will be arranged by cooperative boundaries.

Please submit your positive recommendations as this will only be successful if libraries contribute.


In May 2018, the Woodlands Library Cooperative Continuing Education Committee, under Director Kate Pohjola Andrade, offered a workshop titled, “The care and feeding of our library buildings” in Jackson, Michigan. Rebecca Higgerson, Director of Brandon Township Public Library, attended and at the conclusion of the program Kate and Rebecca began discussing how public libraries could better share facilities-related information. As it often happens, the discussion grew into the larger issue of how libraries can share a wide variety of vendor information with each other without redundancy. The concept on which they settled was to offer a moderated website where directors can provide contact information for companies with whom they’ve had a positive experience. Thus No Reservation Recommendations (NRR) was born! Shauna Quick, Circulation Manager at Brandon Township Public Library, was brought into the project to design the website and ensure its functionality.

Advisory, Board, and Director’s Report for August

The White Pine Library Cooperative Advisory Meeting minutes, Board meeting minutes, and Director’s reports have been published and can be found at:

icon-star The September Advisory and Board meetings have been canceled.

Small Libraries Big Impact Conference 2019

REMC Device Purchasing

The 2019 Device Purchasing Purchase Window is from April 17, 2019, 9:00 am and will remain open until 11:59 PM on September 30, 2019.

All purchases must be made through SPOT, and SPOT has been updated and simplified this year! Frequently Asked Questions about the bid and SPOT and a document with all of the awarded devices and related options can be found in the Help section on the REMC SAVE website.

Public libraries are eligible to purchase off of this bid.

Several of the vendors are also offering the opportunity to purchase the awarded devices for personal use. Information on this program will be sent out in the next week or so. (Personal purchases are not made through SPOT.)

If you have any questions, email

Device Purchasing Device and Options Spreadsheet_0.pdf

Karen Hairston
Project Manager – REMC Device Purchasing
Office 517.927.1982