Advisory, Board Minutes & Director, Office Manager’s Report June 2024

The White Pine Library Cooperative Advisory/Board draft meeting minutes, Director's Report, and Office Manager's Report have been published and can be found at:

Advisory Minutes

Board Minutes

Director's Report

Office Manager's Report

Two additional documents for you all:

  1. Tessa Sullivan's Prime for Business infographic shared during Ad Council
  2. The updated Original Cataloging Procedures for White Pine Members

Thank you to Vicki Mazure and Harbor Beach Area District Library for hosting our June meetings. It was great getting up to your area of the co-op and having the chance to tour such a unique library.

A big thank you as well to Amy Beckman for monitoring the Zoom chat during last Wednesday's meeting. A volunteer is needed to help monitor the chat and admit entrants to the Zoom room for August's meeting. Alison will manage troubleshooting any technical issues. Having an extra hand in June made the meeting run much more smoothly, and we appreciate any and all helpers who take on the task moving foward. Please email Alison at if you would be interested in volunteering.

The next Advisory Council & Board meetings will be held on August 28, 2024, at Caro Area District Library, 840 W. Frank Street, Caro, MI 48723.