Workshop Policy

Workshop Cancellation Policy

Registration Cancellation Policy (No-Show Policy)
If you have registered for a WPLC workshop, and you are not able to attend, you will be charged for the workshop. Please contact WPLC if you are unable to attend (via email: phone 989-793-7126. There may be a waiting list of people who want to attend. The only exception will be for registrants who are unable to attend because of a family emergency or inclement weather. See also Inclement Weather Policy below.

Workshop Cancellation Policy (Workshops cancelled by WPLC)
WPLC will cancel workshops if there are not enough people registered or because of inclement weather.  If WPLC cancels a workshop, registrants who have paid will be given full refunds. Rescheduled workshop information will be posted to the White Pine website at

Inclement Weather Policy
If you have registered for an WPLC workshop and traveling may be hazardous the day of the workshop, please listen to school closing reports on the television or radio. The workshop will be cancelled if the Saginaw City Schools are closed for bad weather. You may also call the WPLC Offices at 989-793-7126 after 8:00 a.m. the day of the workshop. Use your own judgment when deciding whether to attend. Those who cannot attend a workshop because of inclement weather will not be charged the workshop no-show fee. Please call WPLC, if you cannot attend.