WPLC Discussion List

An unmoderated electronic discussion list is provided for member library staff and trustees of the White Pine Library Cooperative. It is designed for members to share viewpoints, information, news, and best practices among themselves.

List purpose

  1. Requests for information
  2. Forum for discussing library issues
  3. A medium for the communication of news about libraries and White Pine

To be subscribed to the list or to reach the moderator/list owner, send email to webmaster@wplc.org. Once you are subscribed, the following commands can be submitted to the list.

To post a message
Send a message to WPLC-discuss-l@wplc.org
Be sure to include a subject line that best describes your message.

To unsubscribe
Send your request to be unsubscribed to the list owner/manager webmaster@wplc.org